Monday, February 28, 2011

Overwhelmed and Unsatisfied

I started concept quizzes in Algebra mid-tri and in Geometry at the beginning of the trimester and now it is the end of the trimester. Reassessments are bogging me down but so is everything else and I have piles of stuff to grade in my Science class (where I haven't started SBG). I used to have a grading bag, now I have a box. Now to top it all off, I got the flu and couldn't work this weekend. I'm in trouble when I cannot work every night and every weekend-what is wrong with this picture. I've got conferences this week, 9th grade math course recommendations, etc, etc. How can I achieve some balance.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Concept Lists, Algebra and Geometry

Here are my lists.

Algebra Concepts

  1. Order of Operations
  2. Fraction operations
  3. Combine Like Terms
  4. Multiply Binomials
  5. Proportions
  6. Solve systems (equal value)
  7. Write equation from graph and graph from equation
  8. Write Algebraic expressions
  9. Write equation from table
  10. Solve equations (dist. property)
  11. Solve literal equations
  12. Evaluate expressions with 2 or more variables
  13. Slope
  14. Write equations from word problems
  15. solve systems using elimination
  16. solve systems using substitution
  17. solve systems by graphing
  18. slopes of parallel and perpendicular lines
  19. equation of a line between 2 points
  20. factoring quadratics
  21. zero product property
  22. using quadratic formula
  23. solving linear equalities
  24. graph 2 variable inequalities
  25. absolute value
  26. systems of inequalities
  27. simplify exponential expressions
  28. scientific notation
  29. fractional exponents
  30. domain and range
  31. simplifying square roots
  32. Real number classification
Geometry Concepts
Concept List- Geometry

  1. Solve Linear equations (with fractions)
  2. Slope from 2 points, parallel-perpendicular
  3. Linear equation from slope and one point, or two points
  4. Solve quadratic equations
  5. Midpoint Formula
  6. Systems of Equations
  7. Name and Classify angles
  8. Circle ID
  9. Quadrilateral ID
  10. Inductive Reasoning
  11. Logical Statements
  12. Logical Arguments
  13. Copy constructions
  14. Construct bisectors
  15. Construct inscribed/circumscribed circles of triangles
  16. Use system of equations to find points of concurrency
  17. Parallel lines-angle relationships
  18. Triangle Congruency
  19. Triangle Proof
  20. Polygon Angles
  21. Midsegments
  22. Trapezoids/Kites
  23. Tangent Properties
  24. Arc lengths and angle measures
  25. chord properties
  26. Circle formulas-circumference and area
  27. Area-perimeter
  28. Area Triangles
  29. Area- Trapezoids
  30. Area-Cylinders
  31. Surface Area-Pyramids
  32. Surface area-Cones
  33. Transformations
  34. Pythagorean Theorem
  35. Special Right Triangles
  36. Volume-prisms
  37. Volume- pyramids
  38. Volume- cones
  39. Similarity-proportions
  40. Similar Area/Volume
  41. Sin, cos, tan- side lengths
  42.  Sin, cos, tan-angle measures
  43. Multiplication Principle
  44. Combinations
  45. Permutations
  46. Probabilities
 The concepts highlighted in purple are the ones that I'm doing this year because I started late (after Thanksgiving).