Sunday, April 28, 2013

MCTM Notes

I didn't really go to a bad session, I took something away from every session I went to. I had a goal to learn about what to do with my Honors Stats after the AP exam and that was taken care of by Andy Pethan, his talk on "Rebuilding Statistics."

I am in my 3rd year of doing sbg and I am feeling a bit unsatisfied when I go to talks on the subject (but I still go). I have been incorporating problem solving along with my skills assessment and that is working well. I have made it so that my workload is manageable and the students are successful. The problem solving piece has made my course more challenging and interesting yet it is still accessible to the kids who struggle. I am in the process of organizing my stuff since I have been job hopping.

I liked what Carol Mahler did with her 7th graders at St. Louis Park. She developed a program so that students work at their own pace and it was very well planned out and successful. I am excited to see it all when she posts it and hope to use a lot of it when I teach 6th and 7th grade next year.