Saturday, March 9, 2013


I am settling in to my new job. This has not been an easy year. I feel like I am finally back to teaching the way I like to teach. I am doing skills tests and problem solving, students are keeping track of their progress. I am not overwhelmed with reassessments. I have students who seem to be well prepared for my classes. I am happy to be teaching Geometry again. Technology is not emphasized at all and I can't believe how wonderful that feels. I have an old computer (a Dell with a floppy drive!) and a projector and it is working for me. I bought myself a Mac Mini for home. The hardest part is teaching Stats, I am finding it boring and don't know enough to make it interesting. I have only 4 students in my Stats class and I am their 4th teacher this year.

Anybody know any good math blogs that focus on Stats?

I haven't felt like writing. I am doing too much math and have little time. I am in the middle of a Calculus 2 class at Normandale (taking it as a refresher) which I am really enjoying.