Monday, January 31, 2011

Blah. Blah, Blah

I was thinking about how I've changed and not changed. I have been boring myself for the last few years with my way of teaching math. Science was better but just because it was new, I'm sure I'd have bored myself with that to if I could've got stuck. I'm still blah blahing in my Geometry Class, the kids don't listen, they are points obsessed and they don't really want to learn. My Algebra kids are great. What happened to get these advanced kids so tiresome? This SBG thing has me invigorated and I love the way the kids are responding but Geometry is still boring, I don't like how my text does not have spaced practice. I'm done blab, blabbing now.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Exciting Day

My students were begging for another concept quiz today. They love having the chance to master concepts. I am learning what is easy for them and what is difficult. I kind of knew this but now they know it. The other math teachers think I am nuts for doing all this work, we had a meeting today. I was thinking that they would see the brilliance of my plan but they just see me as crazy, oh well, I am, it is after midnight and I am blogging....

Friday, January 21, 2011

Couldn't Take it Anymore

I did it, during my 3rd hour prep on Thursday I decided that I have to change my 3 Algebra classes to SBG as well. I was grading some homework that the kids did an atrocious job on and that was it. I realized that I didn't know what they know and that they didn't either. Everything feels like punishment.

I don't know if my Geometry students like this new method of grading but they do see it as more meaningful and I have had about 5 kids come in for reassessment. This is a strange group, many of them do not know their Algebra and they are terrible at anything involving fractions. In fact, I gave them the same problems I gave my Algebra students and half of them could not do all 3 problems.

I'm feeling like my Algebra kids are smarter than my Geometry kids (the advanced class).

Anyway, my students were receptive to the new methods, they liked the "no tests" part and they liked that they will have less homework (unless they need it).

This is a lame blog, oh well...