Saturday, April 2, 2011

Stuff I learned at ASCD

I don't like huge conferences. I prefer MCTM in Duluth. I don't really like San Francisco, it makes me feel poor (how can anyone afford to live there?) It is lonely to go to a huge conference like that alone.

OK, I started with all the bad things. Here are some good things.

I attended a few sessions on formative assessments. Nothing really new but they made me think about how I can improve what I am doing and though I only had 3 days of class this week, I already feel like I'm doing a better job.

I attended a session on Implementing SBG. This guy was great. I loved what he said about homework. He said something like "Homework is for home, that's between the kid and the parent, if the kid lives in a home where doing homework is expected, then they will do it, if not, they won't. So I don't grade it." I'm struggling with this one because I quit grading homework and all my students stopped doing it. They didn't get enough practice and I didn't want to let them fail (I know I'm a chicken!). Anyway, he gave me great idea and I'm presenting at MCTM in one month and I feel more prepared for that.

That's it, I didn't tag anything, I don't think anyone reads this blog anyway, it's just for me.


  1. Oh, that line about not liking SF broke my heart. It is my favorite place and I got to live a magical 15 months there on a teacher's pension. It is doable, but you are right, very expensive. Such a great city, though.

    As for your blog, keep posting, and keep checking out others. That's how I got my start 3 years ago. You will make wonderful friends, and learn a lot.

  2. I added your blog to my reader about a month ago. Consider me a regular and happy reader :-)

    Paul Hawking

  3. I love San Francisco! Except for the cost of living, that would be my ideal place. Just such a cool setting. No homework, YAY!!!!! I still check to see if they do it, I just don't grade it. That way I always can show parents the effort that is being put it on the student's part. Keep bloggin!

  4. Speaking of readers...I didn't see an RSS feed icon on your blog. I'd love to follow, but it's gotta be one click. Can you do it for us?

  5. Christopher,
    Thanks, I didn't know how to do that and I just figured it out.