Friday, June 3, 2011

End of year blues

I have a lot of kids coming in for reassessments at the end of the year and what's bugging me is that it seems to be about points and grades. I hope they're learning. I guess I'll find out when I grade their finals next week.

I don't want to be disappointed by their performance on the final but I am not sure that they are really better off after all my work to make their grades meaningful.

I did have a good idea for my reassessment questions. I think I'll put the answers on the back Of the notecards and I have these cool tabs with paper clips attached that I can have them attach the notecard to their reassessment form (so they don't flip it over and cheat). Also, then when I grade it, I can remember to write down their name in pencil on the back to record that they have already done that question. It will be nice when I don't have to write so many questions from scratch.

I have a lot to change and revise next year.

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