Saturday, May 5, 2012

MCTM Spring Conference 2012

I gave my second presentation today at MCTM on sbg again. I could tell I wasn't as fired up about it as I was last year, though I still feel it is important. Part of that is because I don't know what I am doing next year (see Quitting My Job post below). I saw many great presentations the last few days. On Friday, I really liked the STEM presentation I went to and Sara Vanderwerf's. I stayed for a little bit of the Rational Number Project and then the Blake teachers who are using sbg with problem solving. Today, I learned about Project Lead the Way and I really liked Chris Danielson's presentation connecting middle school Algebra with Calculus.

On Thursday, I went to the Ross Taylor Symposium on the SciMath Frameworks. I should have mentioned that during my talk because I plan to use that a lot.

Anyway, if you came to my presentation, here is a link to a pdf of my talk and an Algebra Syllabus that has a concept list and details of how I have implemented sbg. There is also a Geometry Concept list.


  1. Hey, nice work today and good luck in your job hunt. I wish we had openings at Park Center so we could recruit you!

    Last year your session was overfull so we missed out, glad we got to see what you're up to.

    Marshall Thompson

  2. Marshall
    I think I was also inspired by you and your two colleagues. Did you present at MCTM last year and the year before with 2 other Geometry teachers? If that is you, I decided on the no fail policy after hearing your talk last year.

    1. BTW, I am told that Maple Grove Senior High is hiring a math teacher if you are interested. It'd be great to have you in our district!

    2. I would apply but I am not licensed to teach high school math and I like teaching middle school. I hold a Middle School (5-8) Math license and two Science licenses (Chem. and Physics 7-12 and Middle School Science). I might have applied for a Science position at one of your middle schools.

  3. Yes, that's us! Our system has evolved even more and I think we're REALLY CLOSE to what we want. Maybe we'll come talk about it next year.

    But after watching Dan over the weekend I think I need to look for personal growth in instruction rather than assessment. My job has become less and less fun over the years. I need something to energize me!