Saturday, November 5, 2011

Last Week of the Trimester

Well, I am a little overwhelmed with reassessments.....I guess I predicted that. I am feeling a bit down about how this is all a lot of bookkeeping and still a bit of a points game. I do have students asking for more practice which seems like a good sign. For the most part I am satisfied with my classroom instruction. We are problem solving, especially in Geometry.

Next week (fri) is the end of the trimester. I predict that I will have 3-4 kids who are not passing. This is sad but they haven't listened and are still in the mindset that they can bumble along and pass without working. In Algebra, it is Percents that is causing them trouble. I put this in as a skill because I knew they haven't learned it.

I have let a few kids reassess without really proving to me that they can do it. I need a better system. I saw something on Sam Shah's blog that I think I'll modify and use.

That's all for now

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