Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I finished a trimester. I went a bit crazy with reassessments at the end and not I've made a Goggle form that students have to submit before reassessing. My plan is to check the spreadsheet every morning with my coffee.

I was very happy with the retention of skills in my Algebra class, not as much with Geometry. I think it's a big shift for my advanced students. They are so good at the game that they don't know what to do when the game is yanked out from under them.

I've also been thinking about how I used to assess. I never used book tests. I always designed my tests after making a list of objectives. I allowed test corrections. I thought I was pretty good at assessment then, but I knew that some kids weren't really learning anything. This is so much better than that. It is more work but only because it's my first full year and I've completely changed the sequence of what I am teaching. I use the book but it doesn't drive my instruction, I let my list and the students drive me instead.

I am glad to have a short break from reassessments. Thanksgiving is coming and I'm excited for my son to return from college. I need a break.

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