Saturday, November 13, 2010

Not sure why I'm doing this

Don't I have enough to do?  My fingers hurt from being on the computer so much. Perhaps I have something to share but I'm not even sure. I've been teaching math for ten years now. I used to be a Chemist. I taught Chemistry for a bit, then quit when I was pregnant with my third child and my middle son's daycare suddenly evaporated. When I decided to start teaching again there was a math teacher opening at the private school where I had just enrolled my 6th grade son (now 22).

I teach Geometry, Algebra and Earth Science right now-all 8th grade. I really like teaching Science and have been contemplating abandoning Math but I also don't want to quit because I feel I am getting better at it. I also have recently become obsessed with reading math teacher blogs which is making me want to get better and keep going.

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