Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ready for SBG

I just stayed up until 2 am reading posts about Standards Based Grading.

Here are some of the changes I'm going to make in my Geometry Class. I'm going to give students 3 points for completing homework every day (instead of 5). That will make their homework points equal to 1/2 of their  homework quiz points. Homework quizzes will be timed, 10 minutes at the end of class every green day.

Instead of the Gateways test and regular tests, I am going to have standards tests for mastery. Each skill is worth 5 points but these will be worth 60% of the total grade. I'm going to use Dan Meyer's method for assessing essential skills. I'm starting late but I will give the first test next week (white days) with 6 standards.  I'm going to buy 26 folders and put the skills sheet in there for them to keep track.

I'll still do portfolios once a month but I need to explain them better.

If I want to to an Activote quiz, I'm not going to use votes anymore, I'm going to use index cards (thanks, Kate).

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