Monday, November 29, 2010

Working, not living....

Need to immerse myself in work to avoid reality. I spent this weekend figuring out how to fix my Geometry class. This is what I have come up with:

I'll start telling them what wasn't working and why.

Grading Problems:
1. I gave 5 points per day to people who really did their homework and to those who faked it so it wasn't fair.
2. Some people did not take correcting homework seriously. This resulted in either low homework quiz scores or extended time needed on homework quizzes.
3. Tests and test corrections: problems and grade were not directly correlated to what you needed to learn and how well you learned it.

Next, I'll explain concept quizzes. I 'm still going to assign homework and do homework quizzes and I can't give up the portfolio assignment. I'll just kind of ease into this whole thing. 

I am wondering how this might work in my Earth Science class.

I talked to the Latin teacher about this today, she was very interested.  

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